Monthly Round-Up – April 2017

Bone chess sets took most of the spotlight last month. They comes in sweet bleached white & jet black color. Another thing that got our lovely buyers interested was a GM Blitz Edition Staunton chess set in bud rosewood that sold out in just 24 hours. Imperfect sets category is our one of the most … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up – April 2017

Monthly Round-Up – March 2017

St. Patrick’s day sale is gone and everyone is looking forward to the next big sale. Monthly round-up is our little effort to recap all the major announcements of the month, which you might have missed and tradition dictates that once again we take a look at the new arrivals section and round up the … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up – March 2017

Monthly Round-Up – Feb 2017

The month of “love” dedicated to the mighty chess collectors community as we came up with the launches of much awaited and anticipated The 1950s Soviet (Russian) Latvian Reproduced Chess Set in Antiqued Boxwood. Latvian is an arresting reproduction, mainly for its excellent value and exquisite design. Dedicated to the Mike Ladzinski, this venerable chess … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up – Feb 2017

Monthly Round-Up – Jan 2017

The 1950s Soviet (Russian) Latvian Reproduced Chess Set is back in the reproductions game and the fans are lining up to get one. As we get closer to Valentine’s 2017 the calm before the storm has started to settle in. Finally, we are going to start our massive Valentine’s sale event ever on 7th of … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up – Jan 2017

Monthly Round-Up – Nov 2016

A bunch of new chess sets was announced last month, but none shines brighter than the Luxury Handcrafted Tower Series chess set. A few other announcements also took place last month – The Reproduced Vintage Soviet Series Chess Set, Desert Gold Staunton Series Wooden Chess Pieces, and The Moghul Empire Series Chess Pieces.  All are … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up – Nov 2016

Monthly Round-Up – Oct 2016

Yet another month is behind us and it was definitely dominated by Halloween Sale, we are offering Flat 50% Off on chess sets. Now it’s time to recap the major events from last month. The Zagreb chess set is the single most reproduction we’ve launched in a burnt box wood. We’ve also announced the meghdoot … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up – Oct 2016

Monthly Round-Up – Sep 2016

The month of “Fall” we’ve dedicated to the chess enthusiasts, as we came up with the much awaited and anticipated 1972 Reproduced Fischer-Spassky Staunton Pattern Chess Set & The GM Blitz Edition Staunton Series Chess Set. GM Blitz Edition Staunton Series Chess Set is an arresting set, mainly for its excellent value and single piece … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up – Sep 2016

Monthly Round-Up – Aug 2016

With yet another exciting month behind us, it’s time once again for a quick recap of the highlights from the last month, here is a list of the hottest releases in the Aug 2016. We have the new announcements nicely rounded up for you here, and those include the mighty; 1950s Soviet (Russian) Latvian Reproduced … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up – Aug 2016

Monthly Round-Up – July 2016

Fall is drawing closer and that can only mean one thing – new reproductions are on the way. Last month undoubtedly it was the Reproduced 1963-1966 Piatigorsky Cup Chess Set that got the most exposure. A few other notable announcements last month include Backgammon Sets, Geometric Minimalist Pattern Seamless Design Chess Set. Now we take … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up – July 2016


There are months when the attention gets shared between various chess sets and then there is a month when a single one stands in the spotlight. Well, it was the mighty Bridle Series 2016 luxury chess pieces that took center stage last month. Now we take a look at the new arrivals section and round … Continue reading MONTHLY ROUND-UP – June 2016